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  • A night of insomnia

    Posted on February 21st, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    I went to sleep too early and now I am awake here at 0200 so I thought I would write in this blog a bit.  Our comings and goings revolve around the boat and church.  First Assembly has just started to take some of my time.  They found out that I know some technical things related to computers.  The normal IT guy’s mother just passed away so they hate to bother him so I am filling in for a few higher priority tasks liked bringing Pastor Register’s HP All-In-One 4635 printer online.  I installed it on the network yesterday morning. Thge office secretary will use it as a stand alone fax and Pastor Register as a wireless network printer.

    I texted Beth about the latest on DJ and the words coming back are not encouraging.  We continue to pray for DJ and I will do an alter call asking for intercessory prayer.  I’ll let Karon know as well so they can start prayer at Angola Assembly.  We are very concerned grandparents right now. I just contacted the Gideons in our camp to ask for prayer too.