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  • Today is DJ’s Birthday

    Posted on March 18th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    Today is DJ’s 25th birthday.  Beth said he had a pretty good day but was getting a little sick later – too much stress.  I facebooked him this morning with best wishes.  I hope he has many good days.

    Down at the boat today it was windy and moderately warm with sun.  There was a lot of boating activity today.  The Canadians started to arrive back from the Bahamas.  I did a lot of talking with Jim Evans of Winsome while the wives went to St. Augustine. He gave me some ideas for solar panel mounts.  He is convincing me that I really do need the panels for cruising peace of mind.  The generator will charge the batteries but it would need to be run about 3 hours per day to keep batteries topped.  The panels would cut that in half.

    It is quite cool tonight and we have the boat buttoned up with only one fwd hatch open.  Might rain also.