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  • Time is short

    Posted on March 30th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    We are waiting for the truck to be returned from the repair shop so we can start to repack it for the trip home.  I must admit I cannot wait to be on the road.  This winter has not been kind to me.  First it was over-working polishing the stainless steel and I was in extreme agony with neck back and phantom pains: this lasted for more than 4 weeks.  Then came the allergies and after that a real diagnosed case of the flu coupled with a cold.  I have been pretty weak for the past month trying to kick the sicknesses.

    Today our South African friends left for their journey home to the Durban area.  We were sad to see them go but we are sure we will see them again.  Later in the afternoon, our new arch speakers arrived so SAM helped me install them using butyl tape as the sealing agent.  I turned on the speakers and they worked but the starboard side speaker just puts out base but sound does emit from both.  I really bought the speakers to seal the hole in the arch: the Sony speaker cones have long since disintegrated.  This would let water enter the arch which is not good.

    I went down to the camper and found the second storage padlock key.  We will leave this here so that any potential buyer will be able to get iiside to see what is there.  The repair of the delta shower faucet was a bust.  I couldn’t get the screw to break loose and was afraid of damaging the manifold. That would require shutting down the water system and I do not have enough time to finish this season.  Next year.