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  • Cold & Snowy Today

    Posted on April 7th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    We started the day with a drive to Angola for a meeting and then went to Walmart for groceries.  I waited in the car so I could yak on the radio while SAM went inside.  Just I was about to give up and go inside SAM appeared so we drove home in the snow.

    I made several trips from the building to the ham shack where I was terminating a LMR-400 cable that will be the antenna lead in for the Allstar node that has been idle for quite some months.  When it gets warmer, I will climb the tower and mount it below or above the IRLP Slim Jim antenna.  The slim jim antenna is matched with a Motorola GM300 radio running about 20 watts.  The Allstar node has a tyt-9000d vhf radio with a  a Diamond X-50A antenna and running about 7 watts.

    We had a good dinner tonight with canned Salmon and Veggies.  I took part of my new pill regimen tonight.  In a few days, when the other ones run out I will switch and be taking some new ones that may or may not help.  In any case, they will be less expensive that the solid gold one I have been taking.

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