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    Posted on April 20th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    This week has been a work week.  I have been in the process of bringing two computers online to replace two machines that are aging and failing. Today, this morning actually, I received a call that said the Quickbooks had failed and would I get in there to “fix” it.  Well, I did arrive later and rebooted the machine and lo and behold the problem was solved for the near term.  The biggest part of this job is to figure out how the software work and anticipate how the customer will use it.  It is interesting and I enjoy the venue.

    Tomorrow it is supposed to be rainy so it will be nice to be inside working on things.  Right now I am listening to IRLP and Allstar using my vhf HT’s.  With that I have to go.  BFN.

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