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  • Sunny Sunday

    Posted on December 18th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    We went to church this morning.  The roads were ok but not great.  It was a good service and full of great cheer and the kids programs. I’ try to post the pictures with this blogline.  I am not sure my Christmas Letter 2016 may not have survived and I will have to start again if it did not. Tonight is forecast to be -9°F  Brrr.  

    I needed to call Aunt Mary this afternoon and had a good time talking with her.  Such a sharp mind at age 92.  She does not have email anymore so my call was a substitute for the Christmas Letter 2016.  We had a long talk.  It was fun and encouraging.

    Right now I am listening to amateur radio Allstar node 27225.  It always  has interesting discussions going on.  Loves and health to everyone. Cheers. The picture of the manger is of my BIL Lee and Sister Ann at PLUM Church last night.  There was a mist dropping what felt like rain all evening.

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