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  • 16 December: Orange Park

    Posted on December 16th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Saturday and it is cool this morning about 52° and going to a high of 61° forecast. SAM wants to go to Pennys for some Christmas shopping so we will doing that this afternoon. I just took a shower in prep so people do not think I am a heathen. Currently, I am listening to amateur radio on Allstar node 43584 which is connected to the East Coast Reflector (27339).

    Wow, what an afternoon, We spent the afternoon running around in Christmas traffic in Jacksonville from this store to this store. Then came lunch at Burger King with the special. Then SAM said, lets go to this mall and then to Publix for some food items for the Wednesday church buffet. BTW – this weekend is the Christmas Extravaganza so traffic is heavy at the malls.

    Later, I spent quality time on the internet finding a quality Winnebgo forum. Thus ends the days events but this evening, I am listening to node 27339 and FM music.

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