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  • 24 December: Elks Orange Park

    Posted on December 24th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Today dawned hot and humid here in Orange Park.  SAM made the comment that with these temperatures we could stay up here all winter. I met Tom in the next RV and we talked a bit before he departed. for a few days to return on Wednesday to the Elks here.  We bid him adieu as we plan to leave on that day if we can get into the Clay County Fair RV Park ( more on that later). The picture is our Christmas Letter picture and is of this year.

    Today is Christmas Eve day and we went to “our” winter church down here in Flemming Island.  Wow, the Associate Pastor had a wonderful sermon “What Christmas Means”.  The message lead seamlessly into everyone saying a version of the sinners prayer and leading into everyone who has accepted Jesus into their heart is now saved. Most everyone came out of the church buoyed up and happy and full of brotherly love.  This evening we went to the candle light service where Pastor Bill Register PhD present the “The True Christmas Tree”.  the true Christmas tree is not the pine Christmas tree but the cross of Calvary.

    After morning church we went down to Green Cove Springs to check out the Clay County Fair RV Park west of town on 16.  There appeared to be plenty of space and the periphery sites had sewer hookups.  There was at least one Class A in a spot so they should accommodate us reasonably well.  The lots are not real level and slope to the back for drainage.  We will have to get some pavers or more wood blocks to build up for our rear jacks.  Tuesday we will  call to see if we can get

    Chuck & SAM

    Taken in October of 2016

    into the park.

    The days of 22 & 23 December were spent writing the Christmas Letter 2017 and misc stuff required of rv’ers like dumping, food, food shopping and a few dances at the Elks. The evening of the 23 td was the blow out Elks dance and locally famous band arrived and set up as we ate our burgers & fries at the Elks. More and more people arrived and a real dance came about and they were a good band.  We stayed until 10PM but I had to pry SAM away from the music and the dance floor. Some of the dancing couples were almost pro quality and it was a bit intimidating and we both wanted to lead.  Two good days leading up to the 24th.


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