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  • Heading North – Pushing the Weather

    Posted on April 8th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    We left the far south Atlanta are this AM.  I must have been nervous and sensitive to all noises but I awoke about 0430.  I tried to read a bit but by 0530 I was up and just waiting for a glimpse of a little bit of light.  When it arrived just a little before 7 I was up and at it.  First coffee in the pot and brewing and then the Oatmeal concoction I make every day and then the necessary pills on the table with a big glass of water.  Now it was time to eat and drink a bit of the bitter brew plus take those dreaded “pills for life”.

    We arose and shined a couple of hours before our normal time but the adrenaline was pumping so I started to button up for hte trip north.  SAM got up early too and we pulled in the traces to get the thing rolling quickly and with only one major coffee mistake.  The back way to the Flying J was uneventful as was the approach to the pumps and the $115 we put into the tank (BTW – Get Good SAM since it is a $0.06+ discount per gal).  We paid $301.9 per gallon.

    The easy exit from this place relieved the stress but the traffic was higher than I considered comfortable.  I was pushed this Sunday morning all the way into the 285 excange and then it was much easier.  No problems until we were well notrh of downtown and the three lanes necked down into a 2 lane with an inescapable exit the third.  The Pr…ick in the next left deliberately tried to steer me into the bad spot but zi put on the left signal and barrelled over.  As he passed he gave the high sign and a long blast of the horn; however, I had BIG TRUCKS air horns so I let him have a long blast and never saw him again.

    Quite a bit later we reached Knoxville and our I-75 exit 117 plus a left to arrive at the RV Park.  Oh what a joy this place is and now I am writing my memoirs.  BFN Charlie and w best wishes.


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