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  • Disappointments

    Posted on June 25th, 2019 cwmoore No comments

         Disappointment can be a bitter experience. Certainly, there are various levels of the disappointments that affect us. I am not referring to the disappointment that we can overcome in a few hours or a few days.

         There are disappointments that go very deep, such as the betrayal of a friend… or a wife or husband… these are disappointments that pierce to the very depth of our being.

         Some people are affected less than others by these events in life. Those who are deeply disturbed by such losses, find it difficult to recover and regain stability mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

         I have met people who were disappointed in God. They believed He had failed them. I have met people who were disappointed because a friend failed them. And I have dealt with people who felt like their life was over because of marital betrayal.

         Disappointment leads to discouragement. Discouragement can lead to despondency. Despondency can lead to despair!

         Betrayal could be heartbreaking. It does not have to be outright betrayal. It can be having someone, in whom you’ve placed confidence, let you down or fail you by whatever means.

         This is not to enable you to wrap yourself in a “pity blanket” and make everything about yourself. But when deep disappointment hits, it can be like being stabbed with a fiery hot blade with jagged edges. It seems the pain from it will never dissipate.

         You must not let disappointment drag you down into darkness. In the midst of the storm, there is a “peace from God, which surpasses all understanding, that will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:7). Give it to the Lord so that he can replace your disappointment and the bitter fruit it bears with His restful peace.

         You cannot allow your disappointment to be greater than your God. He will accept all of the cares that you cast upon Him because He deeply cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7) Even if great disappointment has brought a darkness over you, Jesus is the light that casts out that darkness. 

    Pastor Bill – Fleming Island Assembly of God. 6865 Pine Avenue Fleming Island, Florida 32003 (904) 284-3030

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