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  • Turley: GOP expert possibly mistaken?

    Posted on December 5th, 2019 cwmoore No comments

    The two other times presidents were impeached and the impeachment process happened faster than the current process against Trump.

    Johnson was impeached for removing Edwin Stanton as secretary of war without congressional approval. The entire process took less than a month.

    The Clinton impeachment process where the House on Oct. 5, 1998 voted to launch an impeachment inquiry. By Dec. 19, 1998, the House impeached Clinton. That’s 75 days.

    The Trump formal impeachment inquiry started on Sept. 24. To date, 12/5/2019, it’s been 72 days since that announcement, and the House has yet to draft or pass articles of impeachment.

    One of Turley’s main points to defend Trump is demonstrably false unless the vote happens withing three days and that appears very unlikely. We shall see and I will modify this in a week or so..

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