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  • Sixty-two Films That Shaped the Art of Documentary Filmmaking

    Posted on October 19th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    The idea of what a documentary is has shifted according to what has—and hasn’t—been possible during the past hundred years. But the artistic preoccupations of their creators have not changed radically in that time.

    By Richard Brody

    A collage of various documentaries being filmed including Agnas Varda Jafar Panahi and Frederick Wiseman.

    “Since the pandemic hit and social life became severely constrained, I’ve been obsessing even more than usual about documentaries. Their very essence is to provide virtual connections to people in far-off times and places—and to experiences that would otherwise remain unshared, even among people close by. Craving such virtual connections, I’ve been watching far more documentaries than I usually do—especially given the dearth of new releases—and more of them than I can squeeze into the regular round of reviews.”

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