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  • Positive / Negative View

    Posted on October 23rd, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    Perhaps, it is possible, just possible, that very poor people from farming villages pooled their $$ together to risk a last chance for the brightest of their community to escape to the “Land of Opportunity”.

    Positive: This is similar to my grandmother, who came from Denmark in very early 1900’s, spoke flawless English, became an American citizen and raised my father who sent all his three kids to university , who then matriculated and sent their children to various areas of advanced learning. I will not even discuss all the grandchildren who are excelling as police officers, college professors, engaged in entrepreneurship, extended military excellence++. A worthy kid, given a chance, will become exactly the same given the opportunity.

    Negative: A Trumper posted on FB all the children in detention were not brought here by their parents but were brought by drug cartels, slave traders, et. al. And it follows the mindless rhetoric passed to unthinking people by the propaganda machine of shrewd, calculating and unpatriotic Americans.

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