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  • A Manistee Saturday

    Posted on July 31st, 2010 cwmoore 1 comment

    [singlepic id=191 w=320 h=240 float=left]We awoke to moderate rain and open hatches and ports – in other words, we were wet inside the boat.  We hurriedly closer her up tight and went back to a lazy sleep and awoke around 0900 hrs.

    After doing our morning duties SAM went for a walk but I remained behind to play on the internet.  We walked up to a hardware and bought some mosquito spray – both of us had numerous bites – to be used if things got really bad.  On the way back it started to rain again, and remained rainy all day, so we stopped in for a coffee in hopes it would quit.  We walked to the boat – about a half mile – without getting too wet.

    We had lunch on the boat and then I took a nap while SAM played on the internet and watched a movie.  After awaking I went out with light jacket in hand to a misting rain and started to walk the “River Walk” down to the other terminus and it really started to rain hard.  SAM came following after, while I was waiting under a bridge to stay dry, and we finished the walk in a steady, heavy rain.  I was soaked to the skin but SAM had a rain coat so went via diversionary route that included all the shops in town.

    Then came supper, which was great, and writing on my blog.  Besides being captain I a chief dish dryer and have just completed this task.  This pretty much ends another day in the retired life I have come to enjoy.  Moore later…..

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