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  • Manistee

    Posted on July 31st, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Inspiration arrived Manistee Friday about 1400 hrs.  We are staying at the Manistee Municipal Marina for a couple of days due to the forcast rain – we are fair weather sailors if possible.

    I awoke to banging around last night and found SAM closing all the ports and hatches we left open – rain had started some time ago and a lot of things below were wet.  They were hung up to dry and we went back to sleep until 0900 hrs because we were tired.

    Yesterday I bought a couple of books at the used bookshop and they are in real good shape but the price was high ($5) each.  Today we will put the dingy in the water and motor up river to check things out but right now SAM is trying to find a farmers market to buy some goods.  Moore later…………

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