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  • A 4 cache day

    Posted on November 4th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    The weather was cold and rainy in the morning but sort of cleared to a cool partly sunny day in late afternoon so I got restless.  SAM was in town so I went south to do a few caches.  Today all four were successful.  On return I logged the caches.

    This morning the new TP-Link wireless N PCI adapter arrived so I took down the GX280 and blew out all the dust and then installed PCI adapter.  I fired the computer up and installed the driver software and did the link up with the new wireless N router.  I had a wireless 300MBPS connection!  I watched a Hulu vid just to see what would happen and, man, it was flawless at 480.  This TP-Link router rocks.  No more cables running along the walls.