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  • Beautiful Weather Ends

    Posted on November 14th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Today was the end of the perfect Fall weather.  I awoke very early today – 0430 – to the increasing wind levels.  I shut down the sound machine and was soon fast asleep as I listened to the wind in the trees.  Awaking at the 0830 hour, I looked out to overcast skies and mid-30’s temperatures. Time to get ready for church.

    [singlepic id=245 w=320 h=240 float=right]A couple of days ago I placed a new cache.  My latest cache is near the house and placed in a drainage ditch via a magnetic key holder.  Within a couple of hours of publishing the FTF (first to find) person had logged it in.  Here is a picture of the area looking south.

    Then Saturday I (VM1) found 6 others as I moved around the Corunna  towards Kendalville area.  On return to home, we went to Karen Armey’s funeral services and later went to the VFW for a celibration of life dinner put on by her Sisters of VFW.  We sat with Lee Armey and Pastor John of PL EUB.

    Today, Sunday, we went to church.  Afterwards was the church social put on by the youth of the church.  Turkey, Potatoes & Gravy – mummm.  My blood pressure tonight was 10 points too high.  Too much salt yesterday and today I guess or was it the pounds of Ham consumed yesterday and the great tasting gravy today?

    As the sun goes down I am publishing another geocache  placed today on Fish Creek Trail near the East end.  It is a pretty easy one and if you cannot find it in 2 minutes then you are a pretty lame cacher indeed.