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  • Cool, dreary, Indiana

    Posted on November 21st, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    I just spent most of the day after morinig church tweeking the Angola Assembly of God website and adding a new page.  I was going for a uniform look and feel.  There are still some areas that do not feel the same as the opening page but I doubt that people will delve into the nuances of the site a few pages deep.

    SAM is gearing up for Thanksgiving and that spells trouble for me!  I will be forced to clean the garage and other areas.  SAM is a much better hostess than I am a host.  Jess and my brother and sister will be here and maybe a few nephew’s and niece’s.  Still, it is the big bash we will host for the year and it is nice to see everyone.

    Too Marc & Beth live so far away that they are not available for these P.L. get togethers.  Ah well, we are a mobile society driven by needs to provide for our families and that is the prime directive.  They are doing as well as I did and that is all a parent can ask.

    We went out for lunch with Fred & Karen Beck today at KFC.  It was the first time I had been in there since I was diagonosed with a bunch of different allergies like peanuts, soy and eggs.  I thought I was hopeless, destined for the boneyard, but actually there are much more healthy alternatives to the items on the shelves that contain those products.  Anyway, I did not have an adverse reaction to the Grilled Chicken meal with Mashed Potatoes & Coleslaw so I guess I have another place to eat out besides Burger King Whoppers.  Moore later……..