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  • Walmart & Plowing the drive

    Posted on December 13th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    I just got in from plowing the drive with the snow blower.  The strong NW wind lets me just throw the snow to the East.  There was a lot of ice below the top snow coat so it will take some time for the process of sublimation to occur.  The sun is bright and the temperature is 19ºF.  It was good to be out but I started sweating about half way through the 4000 ft² drive as I was lifting the snowblower handle constantly to try and scrape the ice off.

    I need to get to the store(s) to get a few Christmas presents.  The list is pretty short this year and we have been tightening the belt a bit with the reduced retirement income.  I like retirement but I also like to buy also.  In this community there are two jobs – Walmart and Trine University.  The rich people work at Trine and the rest of the people work at Walmart.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Walmart (and Meijers and Menards) because they are my main source of entertainment other than church and Internet.  I also know if I ever need a real job, I can always go to Walmart so I never say anything bad about them.  I better go eat the lunch so I can go buy some gas at Walmart, my one stop shop.

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