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  • Christmas Eve & Day

    Posted on December 25th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    JKM, SAM & myself went to sister Ann’s house last night for dinner and later to the United Methodist candle light service in PL.  Sister received a Kindle from her children and I was jealous.  We set her up so she could order books and installed a few free ones.  JKM and I watched part of Star Wars #1 at sister’s house but had to go see friends so I quit watcheing for other pursuits.

    Today, Christmas Day, we awoke slowly at about 0930, had some coffee and by then JKM was awake and SAM’s twin arrived with our present – a 4′ step ladder – that we had been admiring since Thanksgiving.  JKM was committed to go see cousin Miranda in Fort Wayne so we all decided to open presents tonight.

    We are expecting to receive brother Andy pretty soon and he is bringing all the kids and mother-in-law Martha.  They will stay the night and leave after dinner tomorrow for home.  I expect we will have some rousing conversations tonigh and the family fellowship is welcomed.  We only have so many years left that we can enjoy each other.

    I am still hoping for a kindle from the richer family members and it would be the best thing that I could receive.  I await the opening of packages tonight.

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