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  • Response fm Senator (IN) Richard Lugar

    Posted on December 30th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

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    My original question/concern related to the “per service” fee ISP’s are now considering.  The pay per service fee is a fee based on what service you may be using – like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc – and would in my opinion put us right back to where we started at the beginning of the Internet Revolution.  Essentially, the question would be “do you have sufficient interest in using a service” to pay that much per session or minute that the ISP’s would charge?  Thinking such as this was done away with in the early 90’s and look at the new revolution and business it generated.  Whole new industries were generated and whole new fortunes and stocks were made.  Well, I guess Senator Lugar, whom I really like, gave a pretty generic answer so I guess I will have to trust his greater judgement; however, I will be watching the scene develop.

    Response fm Senator (IN) Richard Lugar is as follows:


    Dear Mr. Moore:

    Thank you for contacting me and for sharing an article regarding possible future pricing by Internet service providers.  I appreciate this opportunity to respond.

    Much has changed in the years since Congress passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  As new technologies have emerged – wireless, broadband, Internet-based voice services – each has put strains on the web of regulations that originated more than a decade ago under this Act.

    Senators from both parties agree that congressional action is needed in the upcoming 112th Congress to make revisions to the nation’s telecommunications laws.  A number of ideas are currently circulating, and as this issue is debated, I will have your thoughts in mind.

    Thank you, again, for contacting me.


    Richard G. Lugar
    United States Senator


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