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  • A rainy day and the week ahead.

    Posted on January 11th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    Today started with light rain hitting the camper top. I like that sound and it is soothing. A quick peek outside revealed not leden skies but some bright spots too. It was lightly sprinkling as we arrived at church and the same when we left that the end of the service. We stopped by the grocery – actually two of them. Out main purchase was some good fish but there were other items in there too.

    Back at the RV we ate lunch and took our Sunday afternoon day of rest. For dinner SAM made some of the fish down at the clubhouse but not too much was going on but football so we left to eat supper back at the RV. After that I did some research on Mini Maglite 272 lumen that are not turning on correctly. I think it is extremely poor that a $24 flashlight does not even last a year. As a matter of fact the newest on does not turn on at all when you turn it on. If you let it sit there long enough it comes on all by itself in a minute or three. Pretty poor, and I told them that.

    Ok, so now I am winding down the day writing in journals, blogs and more blogs. Night.

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