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  • Just a blather

    Posted on January 13th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    Lots of parts for the boat arrived today and yesterday. We installed the blower that arrived yesterday and it took all of our time to get her done. All that remains ist to shrink the tubing and apply the green/yellow ground.

    The life in the camper is getting a bit close and we are getting on each others nerves a bit. With no place to escape, to avoid escallation, I usually go silent an brood for a while but soon forget whatever was the problem. I’ll be glad when the boat is in the water. We need good dry weather to do the teak to teak sealing so SAM can apply two coats of Cetol and we are ready.

    I cannot wait to get out of this very tiny RV. I activated the Verizon hotspot at $30 per month and it seems to work very well with plenty of bandwidth and I set it up to run three devices. I posted the speedtest.net results on facebook. it was 10 down and 6 up.

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