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  • Hurting for Certain

    Posted on January 23rd, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    TallShip1I have now spent weeks trying to recover from the excesses of the stainless polishing episode. I still hurt all over my shoulder and neck which are know weak spots for this old guy. I have had to slow down and take it easier. So in that vein I have been using the notebook a little more.  Lots of ibuprofen going into the system after a round of Prednisone  to suppress the irritation wherever it was.

    I came across this Pin tonight and just sort of connected with it.

    Today we were informed that Grandson DJ has cancer of the intestine.  They operated on him and removed a section of his intestine.  After a suitable recovery period he will undergo Chemo and Radiation treatments to irradicate remenants of the disease.  We are thinking of him constantly throughout the day.

    It rained all day and is still raining and will continue to rain until tomorrow.  When I checked tonight the boat was dry since we replaced the lens on the aft size 40 hatch.  The forward size 60 hatch has not been replaced yet as Holland Marine continues to work on it.

    I have replaced one fluorescent light on the boat with LED’s and the experiment was moderately successful but will require a few more warm white LED’s to fill in a few spots.  I have at lease 3 more fixtures to go and the rest will remain fluorescent as I should now have spares for quite a while.  The two head bar fluorescence’s will be changed out to RED/WHITE LED’s too.  so I guess that makes 5 to go.


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