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  • Just an update but nothing special

    Posted on February 2nd, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    This is the first time I have sat on the boat writing on the computer with all systems running including air-conditioning/heat pump. Yea, and here we are many $1000’s later. Marina just changed antifreeze (not needed but gives me assurance), oil (probably not needed but again those assurances) and adjusted valves that definitely needed attention ( a burned valve would be just around the corner). To-Do is to add a solenoid that assists existing starter manual solenoid so as to allow a much more direct connection to the battery as the generator was not starting so good. Also needs a new start 12 VDC Battery. I hope all the locals appreciate the tens of thousands we spent here this year and in all probability will continue to be spent in foreseeable years.

    We bought a Start Battery from Advanced Auto here in Green Cove Springs that has 1000 CCA and 800 CCA @ 32°F.  From there we went to Walmart and bought a 12 cup Regal coffee maker (a steal at $8.77) .  Upon return to the boat we de-boxed the machine and it fit the nook intended for it perfectly.  The old machine will be placed on the FREE table at the club house.

    While at Walmart we had to continually re-think our ice box/ freezer situation:  we have lots and lots of space now.  So much so we could provision for weeks and weeks at sea.  the upper part is for slightly chilled items like veggies and tender things and the bottom which is quite a bit cooler for the longer deep cool items like milk, some meats and our special bread.  There is a 1.5 cubic ft freezer for the stuff that needs to be deeply frozen for longevity. The Fridge-a-boat cooling system is set up to maximize life on the waters deep with with its microprocessor controlled system. Not too sure where the temperature probe is located and what it is optimized for but we will find out in years to come.Some of the last parts on order have just arrived and they sit up in the very cold cockpit to await further action in upcoming days.  Speaking of cold cockpits and the freezing temperatures expected on this mostly full moon, SAM just left for the RV to fix dinner and take care of our wee one Abby.  I told her I would be along directly but secretly hope she brings food to the mother ship but this is not too likely!

    I am currently sitting here listening to the water pump pumping to its heart content and feeling the heat coming out of the water to heat my body. This is not an obtrusive thing but a natural evolution of bringing heat or cold to the microcosmic space I now occupy.  Truthfully I love it and enjoy hearing the roaring gale outside while the boat presses ever closer to the floating dock and is seperated from oblivion by 5 sort of tired fenders of the 8″ variety.  With that missive ZI will close this particular thread.  Bye to all.

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