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  • Posted on February 17th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    We went to Jim & Linda’s boat, Winsome, last night in response to the evening sundown invite.  He, like me, is an Electrical Engineer and does a lot of projects on the boat.  Also like me, he is a ham of long standing.  We had a good time.

    Yesterday, I stayed on the boat most of the day but SAM went shopping most of the day.  However, she returned in time for the party – just in time with 5 minutes to spare.

    Last night I was awakened to slapping halyards against the mast and after trying to ignore it for a while and in good neighborly standing I went to the foredeck to find the guilty line.  After a quick jury rig I went back below to finish the sleep.  Upon awakening a bit later than usual at 0745 I heard the piter pater of rain on the cabin top.  After enjoying this for a period of time, I got out of the sleeping bag and fixed my breakfast and SAM’s too.

    I quickly headed for the shower to beat the morning rush that has occurred with the arrival of 12 more boats that were kicked off the Green Cove Springs Marina long pier.  Why this occurred no one seems to know but they are here and half are projected to stay forever.  It is a lot more genteel down here at this end.

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