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  • Snow and More Snow

    Posted on December 11th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    Here in PL it snowed all last night and today and it is still snowing. I guesstimate 5-6″ so we may get the promised 7″ before morning. When it stops I will start to blow snow. The temperatures are reasonably cold in the high 20’s or around 30°F right here. The snow is small and a bit granular so it should blow pretty good when I get out there. Hopefully there is sufficient gas in the small can to plow the driveway enough to get down to  the gas station tomorrow.

    I have pretty much spent the whole day inside and taking it easy.  Last night I had a dream about the new Allstar node I am working on so I may go out to the Technical Room tonight and split open the battery, remove the guts and put a small perf board with the resistors necessary to add a home made battery-less adapter.  That should pretty much take care of that part but I need to add the Db-25 connector to the end of the cable and clip off the special earphone plug so as to bypass the internal speaker.  I do not know why I want to make another node as I have two already – a portable one and a rack mounted one in the Technical Room.

    I guess there is no Moore for tonight. Cheers.



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