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  • Another Doctor Day

    Posted on December 27th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    We went to the Nodule Clinic this AM. The initial news was encouraging and I am supposed to return in 6 months for another CAT Scan so they have comparisons.  I had a Nurse Practitioner who seemed quite informed and professional. So, in lieu of other symptoms 6 months it is.

    The day is overcast and grey with a NW wind and 30°.  Sort of an unmanageable day and I am hanging out in the Technical Room writing this blog and doing inside things. tomorrow is forecast to be about 40 and sunny so we may take Jess to Pokagon State Park.  That will be fun.

    Yesterday I put all the pictures that did not die with the T5400 on a 64GB microSD where they will store for a long time without worry.  I think I will buy a few more MicroSD tone to have on hand and the other for a Raspberry Pi3 Security Camera. Moore later.


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