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  • Day 3 & 4: On the road

    Posted on December 6th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    December 2nd and 3td

    We left Cartersville, GA KOA after several people. I was awakened bu the next door diesel truck clackty-clackting and by the time the second RV left I was awake and up. We were not in a super hurry and followed the normal routine and were out of there by 9AM. The trip through Atlanta on I-75 went well and only a couple of spots raised concern. We went through town because we were following a big class A in front of us and I said “where he goes, I go”. I am glad it was Saturday morning and traffic was light.

    The day progressed and we arrived at the Lake Park RV campground next to Campers world in Lake Park, GA about 3PM. The check in went smoothly and the plan was to leave the next day but we decided to stay. The afternoon then went leisurely, we took a walk to Campers World, met some neighbors and enjoyed the 75 degree temperatures under clear skies.

    I decided to sanitize the onboard water system the next day so we bought some sodium hydrosulfite to bleach the system bacteria. As dawn broke I was ready so I added water to the storage tank and everything after that was down hill fast. I turned on the water pump and nothing happened after 10 minutes. I started looking around and discovered the “Winterize” switch had been left on by Ben Davis so I turned it off (light out). Thank heaven the “Bypass” switch was off or that would have been the end of the waterheater. After that a whole bunch research into the systems produced nothing.

    A physical inspection ensued to find the location of the waterpump. After I found it I discovered the pump filter/cleaner had not been replace after the winterization. Another 10 minutes of running the pump produced no water. We went back to Campers World and looked at waterpumps. This ends Day.

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