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  • 25 December 2017: Christmas Day

    Posted on December 26th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    We awoke and greeted each other with Merry Christmas and I put SAM’s card into place on the chair where she would see it – it took until noon before she sat down and saw it. I had to use subterfuge to keep it hidden for several days. It was a surprise and she did enjoy the “Jesus is the Reason” card.

    After that we went to a new Chinese Laundry that was open.  We filled three front loading but smaller machines and later used only two dryers.  The total cost was $10.25 for about 30+#.  After that was a pretty uneventful Christmas Day.  The highlight was talking with Marc, Beth and Jessica as the carried on with their busy lives.

    The Christmas Letter 2017 only had about 5 bounces and I resolved three of them. I am now using Google to store the lists and contacts so hopefully, the bounces disappear. Love and Joy to everyone!

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