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  • December 28: Clay County Fair RV Park

    Posted on December 28th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    So far we like the CCFRP.  The price is good and the place  is nicely lit, good water, 50A electric, sewer, 43 TV stations and 5 bars of Verizon cellular.  A real plus is that the EOC is adjacent to there is police presence here continually.  We made the move yesterday 27 December and it was not eventful:  SAM drove the Civic and pulled the Tow Dolly while I drove the RV.  The manager helped us back in and we slowly set up without panic. The site is quite level but we added wood blocks to spread out the loads on the sand base.

    Today is an overcast rainy day with fog and haze:  all-in-all sort of depressing but you do not feel bad about staying inside.  This gives me time to write the blog and do some little projects.  Our coffee maker has a hairline crack and I am going to try some Permatex flowable windshield sealer to overcoat the crack. That should be interesting.  The more I think about it the bigger the job becomes 🙁

    The day after Christmas we went to Harbor Freight to get the free switchable LED lights.  I bought some XL Vinyl gloves and a metal Y valve for the RV.  Our old valve no longer turned so it is junk.  We use it to fill the onboard tanks and wash vehicles; however, here at the park they do not allow washing  vehicles and that is good considering the base is fine sand and it would get everywhere.


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