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  • Monday 5 February 2018: Happy Birthday

    Posted on February 5th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    OK, it is my birthday and one more time successfully around the sun.  I am happy to be here for the event.  Today was Doctor Day too.  I have been having some medical issues that need to be addressed.  It seems like I have a UTI so I was started on an antibiotic called Nitrofurantoin and also some kidney stones have become problematic.  That means yet another drug to help pass the stone.

    SAM said she wanted to go to a Seafood place for my birthday.  I was game but it turned out that Corkey Bells is better but we tried anyway.  Last chance for the top rated restaurant.  Back to CB’s for us. I had stuffed Flounder and SAM had fried Pollack.

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