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  • Sunday 18 February 2018: Washed car

    Posted on February 18th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    We went to First Assembly church this morning and the service was very good.  It was on miracles both biblical and first hand experiences. What can you say?  I have witnessed a few in my life and expect a few more.  It was a happy morning and spirit filled.

    We drove home and had lunch and then took a nap.  I was the first to arise and started thinking we should wash the car and that is what we did.  The car has been covered with this yellow pollen dust day after day and it is sticky.  The birds have use us for target practice too.  Now it looks good again after a couple of months.

    We are expecting temperatures in the 80’s all week and this weekend is the Scottish Games at the fair grounds and it is a big deal. As for us, no one goes in or out of the RV Park all day Saturday.  We will have to park somewhere else if we want to go into town. We are expecting a big influx of campers and traffic through the RV Park.

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