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  • Acadia / Belfast / Trenton / Ellsworth in Maine

    Posted on September 4th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    We arrive at the Timberview Acres RV Park and I was tired, in spite of being a short drive of 4 hours±.  On the way we took I-295 around Freeport and then joined with I-95 again for the remainder of the trip until we exited to I-395 for a short distance and in on SR-A1 to Timberview.  We set up quickly to get the air on since it was 96°F and humid. I was sweating like a race horse by the time I tried to set up the water softener which had a cross threaded nylon garden hose fitting.  So it was off to Home Depot to get brass replacements.  Everything went smooth after that.

    The next day the 29th, we reconnoitered the North side of Acaida main island and Bar Harbor where we ate at Atlantic Brewing Company – Middle Place.  We made a few required stops and drove up Cadillac Mountain.  This was a nice place on this cooler but slightly hazy day.  I was tired after that so we made our way back to the RV park. The third day we still had energy and went on the bus route 3 around several sites and back to Village Green in Bar Harbor.  We walked quite a bit and went to the harbor too where we took pictures.

    This was perhaps the best day, 30th,  on the North side of the main island. The South side which is Route 7 which includes SW Harbor and NE Harbor. I love SW Harbor area.  NE Harbor is pretty cool too but SW has a place as a real friendly place, approachable people and nice environment.  We drove most of the route.  The next few days are clouded in a haze of do this and do that.  So here we are on our next to last full day and will have to use the snippets below as a reminder.Somewhere along the line we washed the car, went to Home Depot for more bras fittings, ate at a BBQ place, washed clothes plus a myriad of other essentials.

    On the 3td of November we drove to Belfast, another quaint Maine coastal town, we walked the water front down the steep hill and then up again.  From there we returned on highway 1 to the bridge around Penobscot that has the highest observatory on a free span bridge.  We paid the $ for the entry fee and took the elevator to the top.  It was worth it so glad we did.  From there we ran across a Baba 30 that I thought was a 35′ model.  Anyway it was in good shape but not the 35 that I was looking for.

    Today the 4th we drove down hwy 3 and took the 102 split south looking for Atlantic Brewing Company.  Of course, we drove right by and with SAM running the GPS and myself using the Smartphone we managed to get into a donnybrook.  However, we did find the place on an obscure side street and obscure entryway.  We ate, we tasted, we bought some T-shirts et. al. Upon return home I cleaned the windscreen and side windows.

    Tomorrow we have no plans on our last day here in Maine.  I am sure we will find a rewarding venture to fulfil the day.

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