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  • Erie, PA & past days

    Posted on September 9th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    We left Maine on Thursday 6 Sept after a two day extension.  We wanted to stay longer but potential plans and weather said it was time to leave.  That very long day we drove 575 miles to Verona, NY.  SAM chipped in for a 2 hour long drive when I was really tired of driving after 6 hours.  When we cleared the Boston corridor SAM said she would drive and I was ready for a stop.  As she drove, I faded into and out of dream paradise until I was finally awake.  With my urgent inputs for this correction or that she said it was my time to drive.  I finished up with a 1.5 hour sprint to Verona Villages  RV Park.  We both rested well for 2 days and headed out for Erie, PA.

    The trip to Erie, Pa and our next rv park was uneventful 4 hour plus/minus.  We arrive at exit 18 and turned right to Piscque Iles RV park. It was easy to find and we started to check in but I decided to call the number in the phone.  Guess what?  Wrong RV park.  I left, tails between our legs, and went to West Haven RV Park which is a mom n pop.  It is a nice place and they upgraded us for the confusion.  A restful night ensued.

    Today, Sunday, we ate in the RV and about 1000+ we left for Presque Isle State Park 6 miles to the NE on 832.  Wow, what a nice and free state park.  Lots of activities and much to see. We headed for lunch about 1400 hrs at a local place.  On the way in, it started to rain and rain and rain up to this very minute of 1900 hours.  It looks like an all nighter and tomorrow too.  Thanks Heaven they have 17 local OTA TV stations – including PBS.  I watched the obligatory woodworking programs this morning and very much enjoyed.

    Monday morning 0730: Raining intermittent hard right now – a remnant of TS Gordon.  All Sunday afternoon from 1400 hrs it rained hard and very hard overnight.  I awoke in a panic dreaming we were floating ans sinking in the mud.  A quick check outside showed it was only a dream.  SAM was up at 0530 with a whisper that she was taking Abby out for a nature call.  After that it was no going back to sleep so I raised myself out of bed and started trying to find a site to camp at Sandusky, OH.  I found a couple likely ones but Crystal Rock Campground looks like the best access for us since we will be there only 2 nights.  We have been in this area several times but as sailors, aviators but now the RV is a new way.  In any case, we leave tomorrow AM for the short drive of 3 hours or the other option is to just go all the way to Indiana depending on campground reservations.


    We made reservations for Escapee’s Rainbow’s End Livingston campground for the month of Nov 15 to Dec 17 and blocked out January and February too.  I do not remember the exact dates so I have to call them back today but I need to notify Marc and block it into my smartphone.


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