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    Posted on December 2nd, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    The BOAC met tonight as is custom on the first Tuesday of the month. It was a great meeting with many items covered and there was legitimate harmony all around. Things look like they are coming together after many years. Thank you Steuben County Commissioners!

    After the meeting I discussed with the FBO website considerations and the various hosting methods for small businesses. The FBO needs a site to represent the business and to lead charters to the website. This will be a delicate situation since the name of the town is Angola and there is a whole Angola State in Africa. How do you compete with that?  I explained a whole bunch of technical things but it was the “Search” engines that dominated.  We left with the ball in the FBO court to define what he wanted and then we would talk again.  Great – good short meeting but I think we both had glazed eyes.



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