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    Posted on December 7th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    We went to Jerry’s dinner tonight and talked airplanes most of the time but also talked boats and kayaks.  They will be going to Florida soon and wanted us to come down for a while.  They had some compelling arguments mostly centered around water and warm temperatures.  We had a great time and the evening ended too soon.

    I also walked 2+ miles to day at a reasonable clip.  I walked Robb Hidden Canyon complete circuit and part of the Fish Creek Trail from Ball Lake to the road bridge.  It was 32° with nearly calm Westerly winds in light snow: wow, how can it get any better?  It is pretty hilly at the start of this walk so you get warmed up after the first half mile.  I am still not broken in to the exercise yet and at my age it is best not to push too hard.  However, I need to get in shape for the X-C skiing this winter – pray for snow.

    The 2009 Christmas Letter is nearly finished and ready for delivery so I spent some time this afternoon trying to get new email addresses for those forgotten in past years.  In the process, I deleted the “Friends” list and had to reconstruct the whole thing: do you know how many people I have stored in Outlook?

    Regretfully I had to delete Zemantha due to the new Terms of Agreement.  I will miss it as it was extremely easy to add interesting content to the blog.

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