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  • Productive day

    Posted on December 5th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    I was home most of the day & got my three things accomplished.

    1. Varnish sailboat companionway doors
    2. Burn the non-recyclable trash
    3. Go for two mile walk at Fish Creek Trail

    I also started using Google Chrome browser and am learning the nuances.  For instance, there is no specific search bar.  You just type in the search term into the Address Bar and wallah you get a Google search.   It is much faster than FF and a little faster than IE8.  So far I like it but have dropped back to familiar functions in IE or FF when needed.  I am writing this blog line in Chrome.

    Xara Web Designer was downloaded and installed on a trial basis.  It is a pretty slick web page maker and is all drag and drop with no code knowledge needed.  I have not really investigated the source code generated much but it seems to be html/css on the one page I glanced at.  Now the question is whether to spend the $50 to purchase it.  Xara has some pretty flashy software and I have bought my share but, in practice, I have rarely used it on web site graphics or design.  I did use their Menu Maker on a website for www.itsmichigan.org

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