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  • Flat Tire et. al.

    Posted on February 3rd, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    The car is sitting in the driveway with three big screws stuck through the rear passenger tire.  Well, at least that forced me to look at the rear tires that I always thought were better than they really are.  So, tomorrow I willneed to bite the bullet and buy 4 new tires.  I don’t know but the OEM tires I have been buying only last of 20 – 25K miles front and 40K rear.  I am leaning towards Michelin but could be persuaded away from this thought.  I’ll spend the night doing comparative reviews.

    SAM went north to Largo to some garage sales while I stayed at home and repaired the back fence plus copying the old Allstar node software and recopying to a new microSD card. This seems like duck soup but it actually became complicated.  I also tried the bridged mode to try and install the new 1.5 Crompton software but no joy.  So the day aent out on a sort of sour note.

    NOTE: Today, 4 February, we took the car to the tire place to get the Michelin tires.  Sorry Charlie, they won’t be in until Monday.  The tire man gave me a temporary tire to use while we wait and even put the spare doughnut back in the trunk, in place and tied down.  We re going in Monday at 1100 hrs to get them.  Yea, no more hydroplaning down the road.  The two back tires were in pretty bad shape and almost bald.  The fronts are OK but will be replaced.

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