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  • Boyd Nature Preserve & KSPG airport

    Posted on February 15th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Today started off lazy enough but by noon we had had enough and decided to go to Boyd Nature Preserve in SE St. Petersburg.  This place has lots of trails and the longest is 5 Km.  We walked about 3 Km of which about half were on grass.  Along the way we saw a giant Armadillo, actually two of them, near a lake and if you go you will see them too. They do not move much!

    Afterwards, we were hungry and this one Indian restaurant sounded good but when we got there it turned out to be just a residential neighborhood.  Looks like someone might be trying to fool the IRS or something.  So we went to the next best place – an airport diner – named Albert Whitted Airport Diner.  Man that place was good.  Wednesday specializes in hamburgers and they are giants of about 1/3 – 1/2# and only $6.  This will be our Wednesday lunch bunch place.

    I just had a long chat with K1QKR about airplanes and amateur radio stuff.  Cheers & Moore later.




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