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  • Time flies in paradise

    Posted on February 22nd, 2017 cwmoore No comments


    The last entry was last Saturday and here it is Wednesday.  I am Picking up Rick down in Gulfport and we are going to KSPG for the hamburger special.  Also,  we will be meeting up with Jerry and his friend.  I am sure it will be a lively discussion on a wide range of topics that we are all experts.  World problems used to be solved at these type of meetings but, alas, this is no longer the case since the deepest divisions exist within our culture and as such no compromises can be made – there simply is no point that can be agreed upon. The $100 hamburger tables are no longer the place to discuss any topic and we must chose our topics carefully to avoid loss of life long friendships.

    Yesterday, Tuesday, SAM & I went to the Gulfport Farmers Market and had a great time.  We parked at the extreme North end of the street and walked down and then back.  Our friends from Canada were not there so we did not eat a formal lunch down in Gulfport.  On the way towards the South end of the market we passed a stand selling Vermont Maple Syrup and I stopped for a taste – it was good, so very good – so I decided to buy a bottle on the way back: The price was $9 for 8 ounces.  As we progressed we stopped at many stands along the way.

    Finally, we reached the end and decided to walk down the length of the pier.  I had been avoiding that walk and the sailboats at anchor cause me much heartache since I am without one.  It is sort of like the end of my life so to speak. Anyway, we made the walk and there were three fishermen at the end of the pier fishing for something using light tackle.  As we walked back the length of the pier some lady with earbuds was beating out a tune to an unknown song and sort of dancing with her feet and clapping loudly.  We will never know the song.

    Going North back towards the car we stopped at several booths but bought nothing until I crossed the street and bought the Maple Syrup.  SAM wanted to look into a shop so I walked onward to the grocery store to buy some veggie grape leaves.  This done I headed towards the car and popped 3 down the hatch and this was my pre-lunch lunch.  After we got back to the house the pool pump was running again and a brand new pump was in place to replace the old rusted one that had failed.  Yea, the end of the afternoon came with a nice nap.

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