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  • Weedon Island

    Posted on February 27th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    We went this way and that way and found our way to Weedon Island.  Ah, the nostalgia, as we approached the boat ramp where we launched the kayaks a few years ago for the fateful trip through the mangroves.  The uncomfortable feeling of being sort of stranded by low tide in a channel so narrow we could not turn around was a distant memory.

    One little thing we forgot was that there are no pets allowed so we just turned around and headed back towards our winter rental.  It is sort of amazing how pet unfriendly the parks are in St. Petersburg Metro area. Upon leaving the park, we decided to head south on 4th Street and went past a Thrift Shop SAM liked so we made a pass through Peter’s place and saw his For Sale sign and on to the Thrift Shop sponsored by the Salvation Army.  While SAM was in there I looked up the Mobil Home Park where Peters’ place is for sale and found out it is a 55+ and no pet place so that leaves us out.  Anyway, it looks like a boat or an RV is the only option if we do not want an expensive rental.

    When we returned home I started looking at a Raspberry Pi solution for running Fred’s powerpoint presentations.  It looks do’able so perhaps I can gin something up.  We shall see.  The evening was spent watching Amazon Prime movies and I like the Russian one dubbed in English about  a top sniper lady in WW II.  It took place in the Battle for Sevastopol according to the movie.

    It is hot in the house tonight and still is 78° at 2215 hrs.  Tomorrow promises to be a hot one too. Night all.

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