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  • Tuesday 6 February 2018: Up early before sunrise

    Posted on February 6th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Today I awoke early before sunrise.  I knew I had to take this new medicine, an antibiotic, that I had never used before so I wanted to start bringing it into my schedule.  To take this medicine you have to take food to avoid stomach upset, so that meant fixing breakfast early.  After I took the medicine it was too late to go back to sleep so here I am now writing on this blog and cruising the net. The sun is streaming into the RV.

    I found a good article on LinkedIn about blockchain.  The link to the article is HERE but I do not know how long the link will be viable.  I also copied a great earth-node-blue picture from the article and include it here.

    Right now I am making coffee, that I should not drink, because it is such a habit to have it after breakfast. Coffee irritates the bladder and I have one that does not need any more irritation. So, even though I have made 6 cups I will drink just a little out of respect for my coffee habit. I may add more later but if I do not then cheers.

    Addendum: Noon came and went.  So did SAM to the laundry and other places.  I took a nap, fueled by the antibiotics and kidney relaxers (to try and let the stone pass more easily) and awoke about 1530 hrs.  I then re-engaged my quest of looking up Youtube videos of all things Winegart Sensar.  I learned a lot so it was a 4 hours well spent.  Later I ordered a log periodic extension to the Sensar that boosts the gain by 3-6 dB.  This might allow a bit better reception of the two or three fringe stations we have problems with.

    The big gain was the maintenance items.  The movements is getting a bit stiff and might break something if it gets tighter.  The big takeaway is to NOT use grease or any other lube except Silicone or silicon spray.  Petroleum products degrade the worm screw.  Night.

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