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  • Thursday 22 February 2018: Patio Rug Installed

    Posted on February 22nd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Earlier this morning we received a text saying our patio rug was in so we quickly left to pick it up.  We quickly found out that it did not come with hold down stakes so back into town we went.  On return we quickly installed the stakes and now do not need the chairs to hold it down in the light easterly breeze.  I appears we might need another smaller one to act a s a sidewalk from the door to the main patio 9×12 rug.

    This evening, as I sit on the new front porch (rug), I am listening to the bagpipes practice for this weekend events.  I must say I love bagpipes and listened to them every Sunday when I worked in Scotland.  Somehow I feel a kinship with the Scots and so, even if I was lonely, I am so glad I was part of their lives for the years that I was in Fife.

    I guess I am finished for this blog today so Moore later.


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