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  • In the Beginning

    Posted on December 22nd, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    Mellow Dude: In the beginning, there was nothing more than I wanted than to have a web presence. So, I generated a Linux server via Apache and suffered numerous insults but finally got a site up and running. The site borrowed from a collage of various scripts, html but a lot of Perl Freeware. With much trials and tribulation a site resulted that had home made buttons, really garish colors, extremely poor code and a lot of high resolution pictures of aircraft.

    Aircraft being my particular passion at the time, this was and still is the basis for the site – Try http://www.virtualmoore.com for a complete version of the first try scenerio.

    Later, I actually understood what HTML actually was and could manipulate it with more or less impunity buy I never learned to spell.

    Much later, I am a Webmaster and a web designer and developer. Now I, more or less, understand the process. However, my peer group does not comprehend the least little thing about what I am talking about now.

    In the las two weeks, I have generated two websites. I acutally typed in the content and did all the URL, Name Server and Re-direction things necessary to bring to life a website that is viable. Man, I feel good.

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