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  • Snow today

    Posted on December 28th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    There was more snow today.  I was scheduled to do the snowplowing out at the airport today – Monday is always my day in the winter.  I called early and the Airport Manager said the snow was being blown clear of the taxi and runways plus the West side of the hangars was clear and the East side only had a couple of inches.  After a discussion he said snowblowing was not necessary today so Walt here is to you tomorrow – with a hope that the wind is down and the snow stops tonight.

    No websites to work on today so I was more than a little bored.  I did manage to get the 5th coat of Cetol on the sailboat doors.  Maybe I can get the coat of Cetol Gloss on tomorrow and they will be finished.  Yea!!!  This is the only varnishing worked scheduled for this winter.  Now I have to check on the price of VC17 for the bottom of the boat.

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