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  • Frankfort

    Posted on August 2nd, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We departed Manistee slip at 0850 today.  We had winds right on the stern with seas about 2′ .  As we proceeded north,  winds and seas kept building and finally reached a pretty consistent 4′ with occasional 6′. online casino .  For a while we raised the main sail and had the jib out running wing on wing but the seas kept corkscrewing us and the main kept gybing and then that would disrupt the air on the jib.  We rolled up the jib and struggled with the main for another hour but finally bit the bullet and turned into the wind and shipped some water.  With some difficulty in the 22kt winds I lowered and tamed the main sail.  From there it was running with the winds all the way to Frankfort, at hull speed and above, where we arrived at 1400 hrs.  I have to say we were beat.  We had lunch and took naps.

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