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  • Today’s Update

    Posted on August 31st, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Reading:   James Bond – High Time to Kill

    Monday:  It was hot again today and more humid.  Installed the aircon but only after SAM was finished preparing the Monday Dinner Party entree which was pork loin.  We first cooked the loins on the grill at high heat for a few minutes and then lowered the temperatur for the remainder of the 20 minute cook time.  We then placed the loins in a pan of water for the remainder of the time until our dinner party arrived at 1800 hrs local.  Everyone gave rave reviews of the entree.  Of course, everyone els brought their contributions.  It was a good evening.

    Prior Bill and Artha stopped by and so did Scott and Sherry.  This was a good reunion for ourselves and we enjoyed the company.

    Tuesday:  Very hot again and we did not take out the aircon all day.  Before noon Scott & Sherry stopped by on their way south towards home.  We had a long chat and later we went to the Saugatuck river walk.  Afterwards we departed to Burger King for lunch and the traditional double whopper ( it is soybean and peanut oil free as I get it without the bun and mayo).  The day was a long one but SAM got her several miles of walking in despite the heat.  She has really lost a lot of weight.

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