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  • Manistee (going south)

    Posted on August 20th, 2010 cwmoore 1 comment

    We left Frankfort at 0730 bound for Ludington but the weather diety did not cooperate again – rather capricious I would say – plus we had some real excitement.  The winds, unforcast, were SE at a steady 20kt and increased to 25 kt but the waves were moderate due to the close proximity of the windward shore – about 3 miles.

    As we approached the Manistee pierhead we listened to a distress call from some one that sounded familiar and it turned out to be our floatilla mate Windfluence who reported smoke coming from the engine compartment and black smoke out or the exhaust.  They reported they were adrift and were calling the US Coast Guard on channel 16.

    We listened and then SAM made a call to Sheryl and sure enough they were adrift.  SAM asked if they needed our assistance and we turned to intercept.  Shortly after, the Sheriff boat with lights flashing was racing in rescue mode as they thought the boat was on fire from reports.  Shortly after the Coast Guard big vessel arrived as did the USCG helicopter.  After that we arrived some 15 minutes later.  The USCG asked us to do the tow and we were happy to do that.  So away we went with Windfluence in tow at 2.5 kt.  We arrived at the Manistee Harbor about 1315 local time.   By that time the Windfluence Captain had figured out the problem and installed a new water pump V-belt and coolant and the engine was running OK.  We slipped their tow line at the harbor entrance and proceeded to our preassigned slip.

    Never a dull moment in the life of a sailor.  Next destination is Pentwater, alternate Ludington or White Lake as soon as we can get out of Manistee.  Barometer 29.80″ and falling, skies overcast wind from the east.

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