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  • Leland (or Frankfort)

    Posted on August 15th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Depending on the seas or time we will try to make Leland or Frankfort today.  It looks like we will be there for a while since the weather is supposed to deteriorate by Monday.  We plan on departing at 0730 local for the 5 hour trip to Leland.  Moore later…..


    Inspiration just made Leland at 1330 local time in the roughest seas we have encountered. Winds continuous 25 knots and seas choppy, breaking 7 – 8′. We surfed into Leland Harbor but the approach to the slip was flawless & we had good dock hands.  It took a while to secure all the lines we need for the approaching gale.

    While we were out there the anchor broke loose and was flailing about and will require a refinish of the bowsprit. I am a little bit sore from getting bashed about.. Glad to be in port as the winds are expected to exceed 35 knots tonight with 9’+ seas. Lake Michigan seas are vicious as they have about a 2 or 3 second period so they just keep bashing you.

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